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Clonmel Oak Stained Kitchen From Kitchen Stori

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Clonmel Oak Stained kitchen doors and accessories From Kitchen Stori

The Clonmel kitchen range door and drawer has a solid oak frame including a real oak shaker centre panel. Clonmel is an all oak shaker centre panel kitchen door in a modern oak kitchen style that will never date. Clonmel is stocked undrilled for hinge holes and we will bore them to your specification on request. Clonmel stands out from other standard shaker doors as it has extra wide styles and rails giving it a 'chunky' broad oak look.

The Clonmel Doors form kitchen Stori use Mortise and Tenon joints as you can see from the following picture. This produces a strong, neat joint that will stop your Clonmel door from moving. Clonmel has a double chamfer on both sides outside edges which reduces the sharpness on the edge of the door making it more durable and less prone to damage.

Clonmel is available in 4 finishes for your convenience, light oak lacquered, knotty oak lacquered, sanded and painted in a large range of colours. It has a wide range of accessories such as box pilasters, impressive over-mantle and Canopy's, all of which can be varied to great effect to make this kitchen unique and distinctive to your own taste. Clonmel is a highly versatile range which you can mould to your own requirements. Clonmel is a high quality all solid door that will satisfy the needs of even the most picky customer who demands a top quality product that also gives great value for money.

Clonmel Sanded
Clonmel Sanded is manufactured out of solid ash with a grain structure perfect for over painting in the exact same manufacture process as Clonmel oak. This is perfect should you wish to paint your own kitchen doors and is over paintable ready for use after a quick sand.

Clonmel Knotty Oak
Clonmel Knotty Oak has a darker finish and has the natural knots left in the wood giving a more traditional look than afforded by the light oak version.

Clonmel Light Oak
Clonmel Light Oak is manufactured out of the finest European oak, it is then lacquered to protect the door and keep it clean and wipe able ready to put straight in your kitchen with no additional work required. The light oak finish has no knots on the timer and has a light finish.

Clonmel Stained Oak
Clonmel Stained Oak
Raised Centre Panel consists of an overveneered hardwood frame and oak veneered centre panel. Stained Oak doors incur a 3 week lead time.

Clonmel Painted
Clonmel Painted kitchen doors are manufactured out of solid ash and have a visible grain for the natural look. Available in 4 stocked painted colours; Light Grey, Mussel, Stone and Ivory off the shelf for immediate despatch and a large range of painted colours painted to order on a 3 week lead time.

Select Clonmel to rejuvenate your existing kitchen with the perfect replacement kitchen door or select it as part of your complete new kitchen by adding your cabinets to your order or asking us for a quote for your list of cabinets, doors and accessories email us at

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Material Information
Available for immediate despatch
Made to order doors sizes available in any size. See separate section above
Chamfered edge on all edges so door does not have a shape edge making it
Clear lacquer protection applied, finished ready to hang
Stocked un-bored for hinge holes, we will bore them free of charge to your specification
Shaker Oak Kitchen Doors with addition of a bead round edge of shaker
20mm thick with 125mm wide solid oak styles and rails with an added bevel sloping to the shaker centre panel.
Recommended cabinet colour: Same Colour as your stained doors
Free hinge hole boring available on request.

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