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All hinged kitchen doors will need bored with a 35mm diameter bore hole, one hole for each hinge. The standard dimension is normally 100mm from the top and bottom of the door to the center of the hole. The hinge then slots into the hole and the door is clipped to the kitchen cabinet. If you are only replacing your doors and not your cabinets all you need to do is measure the existing distance top and bottom to your hinge then screw the same hinge to the new door.

To pay for the hinge hole boring please pay qty 1 for each door. Then email us a list of which doors you would like bored letting us know where you would like each door bored.

a) Pay for the boring
b) email us the list of what you would like bored (after ordering) to

Important Notes:

1. We can not accept the return of doors bored for hinge holes which have been bored by either the customer or by kitkitchens to the customers requirements. We are also unable to or replace doors were the customer have given us the wrong door boring dimensions.

2. Due to the low price point the following ranges will incur a boring charge (search for bore to add boring to cart)

3. We only bore doors on request. All our doors are stocked un-bored for hinges. To ensure accuracy all boring requirements must be emailed to stating the distance from the top and bottom of the door to the hole center.

4. Kitchen doors are always listed height first, for example 715x497mm means 715mm high x 497mm wide. Doors are always bored on the height side unless specified.

5. We will automatically bore all doors on cabinet orders where doors are included. Please let us know if you do not want cabinets with doors included bored.

6. If your hinge hole boring dimension is different from the top of the door to the bottom of the door you will need to tell us if the door is left hand opening or right hand opening. To tell us please open the below link which explains how you can tell if left hand or right hand opening