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Harman Kardon MaestroKitchen Kitchen Sound System

About Harman Kardon

You may never of heard of a music system for your kitchen but if you are passionate about your music you will have heard of Harmon Kardon. From integrated home theatre systems to high-performance music systems found in luxury cars such as BMW, the Harman Kardon line has a world of stylish sound solutions for you no matter were you are. They have been building top quality music systems for almost 60 years.

From award-winning sound quality to cutting-edge design, Harman Kardon audio makers have consistently kept their finger on the pulse of what you want. After all, you’ll spend roughly 70 percent of your life inside your home. Now you can have a top quality dedicated music system fully integrated into your kitchen without spoiling the look of your kitchen only from Harmon Kardon.

Accessories System with Door Speakers
System with Integrated Speakers System with Separate Speakers