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Why facelift your kitchen?

Whatís the difference!!

Kitchen cabinets are normally made of 18mm thick MDF which is extremely durable and strong, it doesnít go out of date like your kitchen doors can and when your kitchen doors are all on you cannot even see the kitchen cabinets at all. For all these reasons the question should really be why would you replace the cabinets at all. To replace your doors and accessories will save you thousands of pounds and the end result will look the same. Have a look at our before and after photos so you can see what can be achieved at a fraction of the price.

It saves you money
By reusing your existing cabinets you are saving on buying and despatching new cabinets as well as paying someone to fit them. By keeping your exiting plan layout you dispense with having to pay to plan and manage your fitting thus reducing costs purely to the purchase of the materials you need, cutting out the middle man when you buy directly from our warehouse. To replace doors is a very simple task which can be completed by almost anyone without specialist tools.

It saves you time

When you replace your complete kitchen you will have to put your normal life on hold, you will have no sink or cooking facilities for weeks. Why would you do this when you donít have to endure this upset. This will not add any additional value to your home than it would with what would be achieved by replacing the doors and face-lifting your existing kitchen.

Less mess with less stress

When you replace your kitchen you have to rip out the old one and dispose of it. You have to change your tiling and repainting, all of which causes mess and upset as well as having to write a lot more cheques than you originally intended...