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Kitchen Lighting Solutions

Leading the market for innovative and creative lighting solutions, Sensio's fresh approach to
design aims to bring a new level of innovation and inspiration to kitchen lighting planning.

On the pages that follow we illustrate how the differing
aspects of lighting can be combined across all kitchen
sizes and styles to create a specific kitchen lighting
design that will make your kitchen come alive. This is
just a small, sample selection of some of the most popular
solutions. The wider possibilities are endless!

Each of the following 7
pages uses an illustration
(see right) to indicate the
positions of the lights used;
brief details for each of the
featured lights are shown at
the base of each page,
linking you to the product on our website for more info

Lights can also be used inside cabinets. These images show some of the most
popular situations where lighting is used in this way.
A Base Cabinet Lighting
B Bi-fold Cabinet Lighting
C Cutlery Drawer Lighting
D Pan Drawer Lighting

Sensio Kitchen Lighting Help

Kitchen Lighting Help

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Traditional Lighting

Modern Lighting